Somerset County - History of the Sheriff

The Office of Sheriff for Somerset County, Maryland was established by Lord Baltimore on August 22, 1666. The proclamation established a sheriff and military commander for the county along with five surveyors charged with laying out a highway to serve the county.

Stephen Horsey was appointed the first sheriff of Somerset County on August 22, 1666, by Lord Calvert. Horsey served as sheriff from 1666 until 1668.

In 1970, Sheriff Thomas H. Foxwell Jr. introduced uniforms and police vehicles at the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies performed their duties during the day and were on call during the night.

On July 1, 2010, deputies commenced twenty-four hour coverage for Somerset County. The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office is the smallest of the twenty-four offices within the state of Maryland. There are presently 25 certified deputies working for the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Robert N. Jones holds the distinction of longest serving sheriff for Somerset County. Sheriff Jones served seven four-year terms from 1986 until 2014. 

On December 2, 2014, Sheriff Ronald W. Howard was sworn in as Sheriff for Somerset County.  Incidentally, Sheriff Howard’s grandfather was Stephen Horsey.